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Our Mission, vision, Core Values and Guiding Principles


Our Mission

To continuously provide quality and innovative financial services that empower members socially and economically

Our Vision

To be a member sensitive financial partner.

Core Values

In an endeavour to realize its vision and mission, KENCREAM SACCO upholds the following core values abbreviated as iCREAM:

i – Innovation: Uphold a culture and technology that encourage all Kencream members to share new ideas for product and services development and alignment for continued customer satisfaction

C – Customer Focus: Kencream SACCO strives to enhance speed to action, ease of transacting, responsiveness, consistency of service, and customer empowerment.

R – Reliability: Achieve consistency in all aspects of service delivery to all our stakeholders.

E – Empowerment: Kencream will strive to create and sustain conducive work environment that encourages initiative, effective decision-making, and problem solving for a high performing team.

A – Accountability: Everyone contributes to the success of Kencream. We are individually and mutually responsible for superior service delivery to all our stakeholders. We are open, honest and transparent in our business processes that fulfill the goals and obligations of Kencream SACCO.

M – Mutual Trust and Respect: We understand and appreciate diversity of all stakeholders. We respect the values, ideas and beliefs of others as well as uphold dignity for all persons.

Guiding Principles

 The Members

We will work together to enhance the quality of our members’ lives by offering competitive services.

We will not discriminate against any member on the basis of race, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, disability or any other protected status.

We are committed to fostering teamwork and to providing an environment that values, empowers, and respects individuals.

The Environment

We believe in environmental protection as the responsibility of every member.

We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment for all our members and employees.

We will actively pursue energy programmes that will minimize environmental impacts.

 The Community

We are committed to using financial and human resource of the society to help the community learn, grow, acquire new skills and better their lives.

We will encourage members’ involvement in community programs and socially responsible activities.

The Workplace

We are committed to dealing with all suppliers and customers with integrity and ethical manner that supports and encourages the aspirations of diverse groups.

We are committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting a diverse and professional workforce.

Corporate Governance

We are strongly committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

We shall put in place a decision making framework that promotes ethical values, professionalism and efficient service.

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We love hearing from you 🤗
Share some of your experiences you have had with us.
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