The Sacco has partnered with leading banks to offer ATM services to members. Through this service, Sacco members are able to access funds in their SACCO FOSA Accounts anytime through ATMs and Bank agents. The ATM card can also be used for shopping at merchant outlets at no additional cost.


Mobile banking service allows members to transact remotely using their mobile phone. To access the services, a member must fill and submit the Mobile Banking Application Form. The service can be accessed by dialing *850# or installing the Kencream Sacco App from Google Play Store an android phone.

To use the app, you will be required to verify your membership by providing the mobile phone number that you indicated on the Mobile Banking Application Form. You will receive a PIN on your phone which you will use to Log in.



Front Office Service Activity (FOSA)

FOSA are financial services that enable Sacco members to have affordable and convenient savings avenue for cash transfers, depositing and withdrawing money.Fosa loan products are accessible to members who channel their salaries through their FOSA Accounts.

Back Office Service Activity (BOSA)

BOSA deals with non-withdrawable savings and allows members to borrow against their savings, at very competitive interest rates.