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ATM, Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions

Our Mobile banking services allows you to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile phone or tablet. 

What services can you access?

  1. Cash Withdrawal from your FOSA account,
  2. Cash Deposit to your FOSA and BOSA account,
  3. Mobile Loans Application,
  4. Balance Enquiries,
  5. Airtime Purchase,
  6. Loan Repayment

…………………………and many more. 

Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions

  1. Only Mobile Telephone number duly registered in the Applicants name shall be accepted.
  2. Registration by proxy not
  3. Mobile Telephone numbers not registered for M-PESA shall not be able to access the facility
  4. The Society shall register only one Mobile Telephone number per
  5. The Society is not responsible for the security of your secret PIN and shall only regenerate another one upon a request in the duly authorized CLOUDPESA PIN REGENERATION REQUEST Therefore, exercise due care and attention to ensure safety of the PIN.
  6. Normal M-PESA charges including exercise duty tax at the prescribed rates
  7. Any suspected fraudulent activities with a registered Mobile Telephone number shall lead to automatic deregistration and subsequent forwarding of information to the Kenya Police and relevant Mobile Telephone Subscriber
  8. Incomplete application form shall not be accepted

The line shall be registered to transact only with Ordinary account in case of cash withdrawals. However, cash depositing or loan repayments to other accounts shall be automatic.

With the Sacco link ATM CARD, you will have access to your funds using any COOP bank ATM across the country.


  • The “Sacco” refers to Kencream Sacco Society Ltd
  • The “Bank” refers to the Co-Operative Bank of Kenya Ltd
  • “Business day” means a day on which banks are normally open for ordinary business in Kenya excluding Saturday, Sunday and gazetted public
  • “Customer instructions” means any request or instructions from the Cardholder to the Sacco or

“Sacco Link “refers to the Sacco electron debit card

  • “Pin” means a confidential password, code or number, whether issued to the Sacco by the bank or adopted by the Sacco and accepted by the bank which may be used to access Co-op switch
  • “ATM” means Automatic Teller Machine
  • “Sacco Cardholder” refers to a Sacco member who has been issued with an ATM card together with a corresponding personal identification number (PIN)
  • “Transaction fees” These are the ATM transaction charges.
  • “24 hr  service   hotline’   refers   to  the telephone number on

the reverse side of the Sacco link card.

  • HOT CARD is card that is reported stolen or


Account held jointly by two or more persons whose mandate is “Any to sign” Accounts which require more than one signatory will not be issued with Sacco link card.


  • The Sacco link Card is neither a credit card nor a cheque guarantee card and shall not be presented as
  • The Sacco link Card is for use only at Co-op Bank ATMs, other Bank Visa branded ATMS and at Visa branded merchant point of
  • The Sacco/Bank reserves the right to withdraw the use of Sacco link Card or to deny request for authorization of any Sacco link card transaction at any time and without prior
  • The Sacco link Card once issued to the Cardholder is not
  • The Sacco link Card is the property of the Sacco and the Card holder undertakes to return the card to the Sacco or on demand


  • The Cardholder will be issued with a PIN.
  • The Cardholder shall exercise due care and attention to ensure safety of the card and secrecy of the PIN at all times and to prevent the loss of and or use of the card or PIN by any third
  • The Sacco is authorized to debit the Cardholder’s account with all amounts withdrawn by means of the Sacco link Card using the PIN


  1. If the Sacco link Card is lost or stolen or misplaced the Cardholder must notify the Sacco or call the number on the reverse side of the Sacco link Service Point. Verbal notification must be confirmed in writing immediately; and a lost/stolen letter of indemnity shall be signed by the Card
  2. A Lost or stolen card notice shall indicate the particulars of the cardholder including name, address, Branch that issued the Card, account number, card number, and date of Once the notice is received the particulars of the Lost/stolen Sacco link Card will then be input on the Hot Cards list.

In case of dispute over effective date and time of reporting loss or theft, in relation to 1 above, the time and date of receipt of the written confirmation shall be regarded as the date of notification to the Bank.

  1. The Cardholder shall be liable in respect of any transaction instructions affecting the Sacco account that is given with a valid
  2. The Cardholder shall give to the Bank or any person acting on Bank’s behalf all necessary assistance in any investigations, avail all information as to the circumstances of the loss or theft of the Sacco link Card, and take all reasonable steps to assist recovery of the Sacco link
  3. A lost card that is recovered by the Cardholder should be returned to the nearest branch of the Sacco. The Sacco or Bank has discretion on approving continued use of such a
  4. If the report of a loss or theft of a card is communicated by someone other than the cardholder, the Sacco/Bank shall not be held liable for any damages


The cardholder should sign on the panel provided on the reverse of the card on receiving the card. The signature should be identical to that on the National ID otherwise the card maybe rejected by merchants


The ATM card 24 hr hotline number is on the reverse side of the Sacco Link Card.

Cardholders should have the 24-hour hotline number on their mobile phone or frequently used telephone book.


The Sacco shall replace lost or damaged cards within

2 weeks. The cardholder will be expected to pay for the replacement of the card at a rate that may change from time to time.


If the user forgets his/her PIN the Cardholder shall return their Sacco link card to the Sacco.


The Sacco shall levy charges for the use of the service which may change from time to time. The Cardholder shall be informed of such changes by notice in Sacco’s Branches.


  1. The Cardholder may at any time cancel his/her Sacco link Card by returning it to the point of If the return is made by mail the card must be cut into two.
  2. Payments made by means of the Sacco link debit card are
  3. In case of a problem the Bank/Sacco may at any time cancel and/or stop a card without notice or assigning any reason and without incurring any liability to the Cardholder until a solution is
  4. On closing of the account on which the Sacco link Card is operated, it shall be the duty of the Cardholder to return the Card immediately to the point of use.


Subject to above condition, Cardholders shall be fully liable in respect of each transaction instruction.


Neither party shall be liable for failure or delay in the performance of its obligations under this agreement to the extent that such failure or delay is caused by matters beyond that party’s reasonable control including but not limited to destruction arising out of war, rebellion civil commotion, strikes, lockouts and industrial disputes, fire explosion earthquake and or other seismic activity, acts of God, flood drought or bad weather, the unavailability or other  media  or  other  acts  or   orders  of any government department, council or other constituted body. Notice of these circumstances shall be given to the other party as soon as practicable. For so long as performance of those obligations is suspended the other party may similarly suspend performance of its obligations.


These terms and conditions may be amended at any time by notice from the Sacco to the Cardholder. The Cardholder will be informed of such amendment by notice at Sacco’s branches. Any such amendments shall be deemed to be effective and binding upon the Cardholder upon publication of the notice.


These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed under the laws of the Republic of Kenya.

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